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Laundry Pickup Service and Dry Cleaning in Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach Laundry Service Area

Superior Laundry is the best value laundry pickup service in the greater Southern California region. We also provide dry cleaning delivery service so you can get all your clothes and linens cleaned without any hassles!

Pickup and delivery, and ozone sanitization are free on all orders.

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Huntington Beach's Only Sanitized Laundry Service

All your laundry is washed at our flagship State College laundromat in Anaheim, which is equipped with the best ozone laundry system on the market.

Ozone sanitizes your laundry by killing harmful viruses and bacteria. Without ozone, you're left with the difficult decision of either not sanitizing it, or damaging your clothing by sanitizing it in hot water.

When you use Superior Laundry, you can enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your laundry is more than clean - it's sanitized!

Huntington Beach's Most Sustainable Laundry Service

Ozone cleans effectively in cold water, saving considerable energy compared to sanitizing in hot water. It also converts back to oxygen after use, leaving no chemical residue on your clothing that would require extra rinsing and more water.

By using lower water temperatures and shorter cycle times, the life of your fabric is also prolonged. That means your clothes will look better, feel softer, and last longer!

Huntington Beach Laundry Service Pricing:

One-Time Laundry Service

  • Per Pound Price


  • Minimum Charge


Recurring Laundry Service

  • Per Pound Price


  • Minimum Charge


Neighborhoods in the Huntington Beach Service Area

Huntington Beach Laundry Service:

  • 92646
  • 92647 - Boulevard Gardens, Liberty Park, Wintersburg
  • 92648 - La Bolsa
  • 92649 - Davenport Island, Hog Island, Humboldt Island, Trinidad Island

Seal Beach Laundry Service:

  • 90740 - Leisure World

Sunset Beach Laundry Service:

  • 90742

Surfside Laundry Service:

  • 90743
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