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A Superior Laundry Pick Up Service

Superior Laundry's most convenient offering is pick up laundry service. Now our wash and fold is even more convenient - you don't even need to leave your home because our mobile laundry service comes to you! Experience the quality and convenience of our laundry pick up service. Expect the same high standard of garment and linen care you love with our in-store wash and fold, with unexpectedly fast delivery in just two business days. Our door to door laundry delivery service frees up of your time and provides superior value to busy people like you, who have better things to do than laundry.


Save Time

Use our laundry pick up and delivery service to eliminate laundry from your weekly todo list. Schedule a pickup now, and save at least an hour later. The benefit is immediate.


Save Money

What is the dollar value of an hour of your time? If you have a busy career, family, or social life, using our pick up laundry service is a better economic decision than doing it yourself.


Superior Results

We have commercial grade machines, quality cleaning products, and experienced laundry attendants. Get superior results by leveraging our specialized knowledge and equipment.

A Superior Laundry Experience

Superior Laundry is a modern card operated laundromat offering wash and fold (fluff and fold) service to both pick up and delivery and in-store drop off customers. All of our laundromats are staffed with friendly and knowledgeable laundry attendants to answer you questions for self-service laundry, and commercial laundry services for business customers. We also offer dry cleaning at our Anaheim State College location. Come to any of our 5 locations to see why Superior Laundry is your best choice for your laundry needs.


Skeptic Turned Customer

I was skeptical about leaving my clothes to be washed dried and folded by someone I did not know, and let me tell you I was beyond amazed by the quality they put into the process of washing drying and folding. It was packaged and put back into the bin I delivered my dirty clothes in, and was notified through email and text when it was ready! If you're lazy like me and just don't have the time to wash clothes you have to stop by and check out this service!
Rick C.
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