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Superior Laundry Service and Dry Cleaning

Laundromats and laundry services are essential businesses and we remain open to help you with your laundry and dry cleaning. We encourage you to schedule a no-contact pickup and delivery order online. If you come to one of our laundromats, please be safe and follow our new policies regarding masks and social distancing.

Superior Laundry provides dry cleaning and laundry service to people across Southern California in Orange County and the San Gabriel Valley in Los Angeles County. We also serve these communities with our modern laundromats in Anaheim, La Puente, and Whittier.

Our specialty is fluff and fold laundry service.


Why use Pickup Laundry Service?

Superior Laundry is your best all-in-one solution for clothing and linen care.

You can literally see, smell and feel the difference that our launderers and ozone washers make on your bedding, clothes, and towels. Our dry cleaning service is also a great value, helping you get all your errands done at the same time. No-contact pickup and delivery is free on all orders.

How to order Laundry and Dry Cleaning Pickup Service


Create Your Account

Create an account with one click using "Sign in with Google" or "Login with Facebook" buttons. Or you can sign up with any email.


Place Your Order

Choose your pickup and delivery dates, and times. You can enter your laundry preferences (i.e. water temperature) and leave  a Driver Note explaining where to pickup your order (i.e. front door).


Prepare Your Clothes

Feel free to use any bag (i.e. grocery or shopping bag), and be sure to clearly label them "Laundry" or "Dry Cleaning".

Eco Friendly Laundry Sanitization with Ozone Technology

As a leader in our industry, we have responded to your increased expectations for cleaning and disinfection by going beyond the basic guidelines and investing in ozone laundry systems for our laundromats. Ozone has many benefits, and most importantly it is a powerful disinfectant that sanitizes both your laundry and the washing machine.

Enjoy the peace of mind knowing your laundry is being cleaned of the germs that can't be seen.

Top 3 Environmental Benefits of Ozone Laundry:

  • Reduces Energy Use - Ozone works efficiently in cold water, reducing the need for high temperature washing.
  • Reduces Chemical Use - Ozone improves chemical effectiveness, reducing overall detergent and chemical use.
  • Reduces Water Use - Ozone leaves no chemical residue and requires less rinsing, reducing the volume of wastewater. 

Free Ozone for all Fluff and Fold and Laundromat Customers


Top 3 Fabric Benefits of Ozone Laundry:

  • Softens Feel - Ozone has water softening properties, producing softer feeling washed fabrics.
  • Lengthens Life - Ozone uses cooler water temperatures and less chemicals, resulting in less wear and tear on fabrics.
  • Improves Quality - Ozone removes more moisture from fabrics so they require less drying, increasing the quality life of fabrics.


Our Journey from Laundromats to Laundry Service 

Starting with a humble coin-laundry in 1989, we've continually invested in our people and equipment and expanded our services to meet the evolving needs of the families and businesses in our community. We've always kept our laundromats equipped with energy and water efficient washers and dryers, and now we have ozone laundry systems for even greater resource efficiency and unparalleled sanitization.  

For us, self service laundry was just the beginning. We've meticulously worked through all the operational and customer service details for fluff and fold, commercial laundry, and dry cleaning to bring your laundry and linen service faster, better, and cheaper. Superior Laundry is now proud to offer a full suite of laundry services for residential and commercial customers.


The Superior Laundry Advantage



Of management with diverse backgrounds in accounting, branding, and consulting. Above all we're business people with the skills and experience to help you and your business with laundry and dry cleaning solutions.



Our laundromats serve customers from Irvine to City of Industry and beyond. All five locations have modern card-operated machines and are always staffed full-time with helpful laundry attendants.


Zip Codes

And always adding more. Enter your zip code to see if we currently serve your home or workplace. If it's in our zone, then we can pick up and deliver to your apartment, house, or office.

How is Superior Laundry's Fluff and Fold...Superior?

At Superior Laundry, we take inspiration from apparently unrelated businesses, like our favorite restaurants, as we continually improve our process. It sounds strange, but if you think about it, we offer self-service laundry (dine-in), drop off fluff and fold (takeout), and pickup & delivery fluff and fold (delivery) just like a restaurant.

The restaurants you enjoy use skillful techniques, with quality ingredients, and have excellent service. In other words, it all comes down to the process. Why would it be any different for laundry service?

We call our process The Superior Way, and it is applied to every order, on every load, for every item.

It starts by sorting the laundry into lights and darks. We then wash it in commercial-grade machines, using quality cleaning products in an ozone wash cycle with an extra ozone rinse.

Next, we further sort your laundry into light, medium, and heavy-weight fabrics. This extra step ensures your laundry is not exposed to unnecessary and potentially damaging heat when drying. Finally, we neatly fold your laundry, and compactly vacuum seal it in packaging.

To really appreciate how much better a fluff and fold service can be, you have to experience The Superior Way for yourself. We're confident that after seeing, smelling, and feeling your laundry, you'll agree it's truly a Superior Way.

Extremely Professional

Extremely professional. Go out of there way to make things look great! They are very reasonable price wise. I would ask for Patrick if you want things to move quickly and smoothly! However all employees are just as kind and helpful. Nothing like clean fresh laundry! Great job guys look forward to using this service again I give it a 10 out of 10.
Dani L. ‐ Pickup & Delivery Customer
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