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Superior Laundry Wash and Fold Pickup Service

Yes we are open, laundry service is an essential business. We encourage you to schedule a no-contact wash and fold pickup. All your laundry is sanitized with ozone at no extra charge to help kill more viruses. Please be safe and follow our new laundromat policies to prevent the spread of viruses.

Superior Laundry is a laundry service serving communities across Southern California in Orange County and the San Gabriel Valley. Our signature service is wash and fold.

One unique feature about our laundry service that separates us from the competition is our standard use of ozone on all wash and fold orders. Not only does ozone sanitize your laundry by killing viruses and bacteria, it also has the benefits of whiter, brighter colors, as well as softer fresher clothes.

With free pickup and delivery and ozone included in our everyday low price, there's never been a better time to use Superior Laundry's wash and fold!



Our laundromats in Anaheim, La Puente, and Whittier attract customers from neighboring cities in Orange County, Los Angeles, and beyond. All five locations have modern card-operated machines and are always staffed with helpful laundry attendants.


Zip Codes

And always adding more. Enter your zip code above to see if we currently serve your home or workplace. If it's in our service area, then we can do your laundry and dry cleaning for you. We pick up and deliver to apartments, houses, and offices.


Square Miles

If you're anywhere between the foothills of Los Angeles and the beaches of Orange County, then schedule a wash and fold pickup with a tap of your finger. Let our commercial grade machines, ozone sanitized washing system, and experienced launderers do your laundry.

Why is Wash and Fold by Superior Laundry...Superior?

At Superior Laundry, we take inspiration from apparently unrelated businesses, like our favorite restaurants, as we continually improve our process. It sounds strange, but if you think about it, we offer self-service laundry (dine-in), wash and fold drop off (takeout), and wash and fold pickup (delivery) just like a restaurant.

The restaurants you enjoy use skillful techniques, with quality ingredients, and have excellent service. In other words, it all comes down to the process. Why would it be any different for laundry service?

We call our process The Superior Way. The Superior Way is applied to every order, on every load, for every item.

It starts by sorting the laundry into lights and darks. We then wash it in commercial-grade machines, using quality cleaning products in an ozone wash cycle with an extra ozone rinse.

Next, we further sort your laundry into light, medium, and heavy-weight fabrics. This extra step ensures your laundry is not exposed to unnecessary and potentially damaging heat when drying. Finally, we neatly and compactly fold your laundry, package it, and vacuum seal it with our signature wash and fold flower.

To really appreciate how much better a wash and fold service can be, you have to experience The Superior Way for yourself. We're confident that after seeing, smelling, and feeling your laundry, you'll agree it's truly a Superior Way.

Skeptical to Amazed

I was skeptical about leaving my clothes to be washed dried and folded by someone I did not know, and let me tell you I was beyond amazed by the quality they put into the process of washing drying and folding. It was packaged and put back into the bin I delivered my dirty clothes in, and was notified through email and text when it was ready! If you're lazy like me and just don't have the time to wash clothes you have to stop by and check out this service!
Rick C.
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