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Superior Laundry — Full Service Laundry Sanitized with Ozone

Superior Laundry is Southern California's premier laundry service provider, with five laundromats in Orange County and San Gabriel Valley.

We provide various laundry services tailored to your needs, including pickup laundry service, drop-off laundry service, self-service laundromats, and commercial laundry services for businesses.

We also offer the latest in eco-friendly washing methods - ozone sanitized washers that kill germs more effectively and efficiently than ordinary machines - so all your clothes will be cleaner than ever!

Pickup and Delivery: Superior Laundry's Premium Service 

Who says you need to do your own laundry?

Superior Laundry is the best pickup and delivery service for people with more laundry than time.

With our pickup service, we come to your door, pick up your dirty laundry, then deliver it back clean and folded the next day!

The time you save because you don't have to drop off or pick up at a laundromat is well worth it.

And as an added bonus, with our ozone sanitized machines we can thoroughly clean your clothes without harsh chemicals.

So if you're looking for convenience without compromise look no further than Superior Laundry's Pickup and Delivery Service!

Pickup Laundry Service Features

  • Pickup and delivery on weekdays
  • Sorting, washing, drying, folding
  • Free ozone sanitization for every load of laundry

Pickup Laundry Service Benefits

  • Saves you time, money, and effort
  • We do your laundry so you don't have to
  • Hassle-free, germ-free laundry for cleaner clothes and more convenience

Best money I spent all year

I just did their pick up service. Best money I spent all year. They came to my door picked up the laundry on time and texted me ~5 minutes before they came and delivered back the very next day texting me again ~5 minutes before them came and again on time. Everything was folded perfectly and professionally. I did not know what to expect and honestly was blown away. I did this because I am in my busiest time of the year for my business and the community laundry in our complex broke. So I did not have the time to go to the laundry mat but would gladly do it again. I normally do the laundry and they did such a better job than I ever did. They put my laundry skills, or lack of, to shame. Also their delivery guys were super nice and professional. Can't say enough good things about this service saved me hours. Its just laundry but honestly made my day. So we will use them again. Thanks so much.
Joseph D. ‐ Pickup & Delivery - Google

Ozone Sanitized Laundry: Cleaner Clothes and a Greener Earth

Ozone is a naturally occurring form of oxygen that is made up of three atoms instead of the regular two.

Ozone has been used for decades to disinfect, deodorize, and purify water and air in hospitals and other facilities across the world.

Now it's being used by Superior Laundry, too!

Here are some benefits of ozone laundry service:

  • Reduces your carbon footprint (ozone most effective in cold water)

  • Kills bacteria like MRSA that can't be killed with chlorine bleach

  • Each load gets a FREE ozone rinse

Sanitizing Benefits

  • Ozone is 3x more powerful than bleach
  • Get a great clean with lower temperatures
  • Strong oxidant and deodorizer

Environmental Benefits

  • Environmentally friendly way to sanitize
  • Uses less water and energy
  • Requires fewer chemicals compared to regular laundering

I like that they use ozone to kill germs

Due to Covid it is hard to get into our apartment laundry rooms and social distance. So superior laundry has been a great blessing to my family. I love the way that they package up the laundry so that everything stays clean. I like that they use ozone to kill germs and keeps our clothes and linens looking fresh. I wish that superior laundry had different discounts available, instead of just for first time users or people that use them weekly. I also wish there was a per bag price, instead of a minimum amount of pounds of laundry.
Lisa B. ‐ Pickup & Delivery - Yelp

Service Area: Pickup and Delivery for Southern California

Superior Laundry's pickup and delivery service operates all over Southern California.

If you live in West Covina, Anaheim, Irvine, Mission Viejo, or anywhere in between - we can do your laundry for you!

We've been serving residents and businesses in the San Gabriel Valley and Orange County for over 35 years.

Our goal is to provide our customers with great customer service while maintaining competitive prices. 

West Covina and San Gabriel Valley

We're the most convenient and affordable way to get your clothes cleaned in West Covina, and the surrounding cities of the San Gabriel Valley like Baldwin Park, Covina, and La Puente.

Anaheim and North Orange County

We provide pickup and delivery laundry service in Anaheim and throughout North Orange County including Santa Ana, Orange, Fullerton and more! 


Irvine and Central Orange County

Our customers love us in Irvine, Costa Mesa, and Newport Beach. We make doing laundry easy with our pickup and delivery laundry service!


Mission Viejo and South Orange County

Our laundry pickup and delivery service is perfect for people in Mission Viejo and the rest of South Orange County including Lake Forest, Laguna Niguel, Aliso Viejo and more!


Garden Grove and West Orange County

Get your clothes cleaned by the best in Garden Grove, and neighboring cities like Westminster, Buena Park, and Fountain Valley.

Everything was folded so beautifully

I had let my laundry pile up and decided to send it out. I decided on Superior as their web sight was user friendly, prices reasonable, they do pick up and delivery and offered a discount for first time customers. My laundry was picked up and delivered on time and nicely packaged. I had a billing issue and it was resolved promptly. Since I didn’t have the opportunity to put away my clean laundry for a couple of days I assumed a lot of it would be wrinkled. I don’t know their secret, but everything was folded so beautifully and stacked just right in the bags that wrinkles were very minimal. The socks were even together with paper bands. The towels are fluffy and folded perfectly, just beautiful! I am very happy with their service and will be using them again. Highly recommend.
Kathie K. ‐ Pickup & Delivery - Facebook

Commercial Laundry: Pickup and Delivery Service for Small Businesses

Superior Laundry is a local company that provides pickup and delivery laundry services for small businesses.

We have been in the business of doing laundry for more than 35 years, so we know how to handle all sorts of jobs with care.

Whether you need your towels cleaned for your spa, sheets laundered for your hotel, or scrubs cleaned and pressed at your medical clinic, Superior Laundry can get it done!

Uniform Laundry Service

We provide pickup and delivery uniform laundry service in Southern California. Our specialty is ozone laundry for businesses that need sanitized uniforms.

Hotel Laundry Service

Superior Laundry is the cleanest choice for hotel laundry service in Orange County. We offer ozone sanitation and pickup and delivery services to hotels throughout Southern California.

Medical and Dental Laundry Service

Orange County's only sanitized laundry service for medical and dental laundry including scrubs, lab coats, and uniforms.

Restaurant Laundry Service

Pickup and delivery laundry service for restaurants in Orange County. We offer ozone laundering for restaurant linens, uniforms, and towels.

Towel Laundry Service

Towel laundry service is perfect for any business that needs clean towels. Sanitize your towels when you use our laundry service that includes free ozone. 

Vacation Rental Laundry Service

Laundry service for Airbnb and Vrbo vacation rental hosts. Give your guests peace of mind with sanitized linens and towels.