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Reviews and Testimonials

"I really love this laundromat and appreciate the workers and all they have done to keep the store well running with the amazing staff and even through this pandemic they've made us feel reassured and comfortable washing here."

Jaisel R. - La Puente, CA - Yelp

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"I've used their laundry pick up service twice now as I just can't keep up with all of my family's laundry at times. They are always arrive as stated and return my clothing the next morning. The clothes are returned clean with no wrinkles and separated between the kids and adults. Highly recommend!"

Kristen M. - Pickup & Delivery - Yelp

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"Superior Laundry is the place to be for all your laundry needs. Betty is very helpful and answers all your questions you have about the facility. I have been coming here for years and always has a welcoming smile. I will continue to come here for years to come. 10 stars all the way. Keep up the Good Work Betty!"

Antonio L. - Anaheim, CA - Yelp

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"I always come to this laundromat to wash and dry my clothes. There's a lot of machines to use so it's very convenient. Service is the best here! If I ever have any questions, Reyna and Esmerelda are always here to help. They are so friendly that they treat you almost like family! Also, they have this monthly raffle drawing to win money for laundry ani I got lucky and won $50!"

Lisa C. - La Puente, CA - Yelp

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"Extremely professional. Go out of there way to make things look great! They are very reasonable price wise. I would ask for Patrick if you want things to move quickly and smoothly! However all employees are just as kind and helpful. Nothing like clean fresh laundry! Great job guys look forward to using this service again I give it a 10 out of 10."

Dani L. - Pickup & Delivery - Yelp

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"We used Superior Laundry this past weekend as our dryer has been broken for over a week and cannot be repaired until next week. I wasn't really sure what to expect as the pricing seemed reasonable and the timing perfect. Let me tell you... our laundry was picked up on time as scheduled. I received text notifications throughout the entire process. Our clothes were delivered and left on the porch as promised on time. The folding was impressive and our laundry smelt fantastic. I even had a billing issue and Corey Lee fixed it immediately. They website to schedule the services is pretty user friendly. I would definitely recommend their services and will be using them in the future after trips, if our dryer breaks again, or when I'm just being lazy."

Nicole B. - Pickup & Delivery - Yelp

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"I just did their pick up service. Best money I spent all year. They came to my door picked up the laundry on time and texted me ~5 minutes before they came and delivered back the very next day texting me again ~5 minutes before them came and again on time. Everything was folded perfectly and professionally. I did not know what to expect and honestly was blown away. I did this because I am in my busiest time of the year for my business and the community laundry in our complex broke. So I did not have the time to go to the laundry mat but would gladly do it again. I normally do the laundry and they did such a better job than I ever did. They put my laundry skills, or lack of, to shame. Also their delivery guys were super nice and professional. Can't say enough good things about this service saved me hours. Its just laundry but honestly made my day. So we will use them again. Thanks so much."

Joseph D. - Pickup & Delivery - Google

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"I had let my laundry pile up and decided to send it out. I decided on Superior as their web sight was user friendly, prices reasonable, they do pick up and delivery and offered a discount for first time customers. My laundry was picked up and delivered on time and nicely packaged. I had a billing issue and it was resolved promptly. Since I didn’t have the opportunity to put away my clean laundry for a couple of days I assumed a lot of it would be wrinkled. I don’t know their secret, but everything was folded so beautifully and stacked just right in the bags that wrinkles were very minimal. The socks were even together with paper bands. The towels are fluffy and folded perfectly, just beautiful! I am very happy with their service and will be using them again. Highly recommend."

Kathie K. - Pickup & Delivery - Facebook

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"Due to Covid it is hard to get into our apartment laundry rooms and social distance. So superior laundry has been a great blessing to my family. I love the way that they package up the laundry so that everything stays clean. I like that they use ozone to kill germs and keeps our clothes and linens looking fresh. I wish that superior laundry had different discounts available, instead of just for first time users or people that use them weekly. I also wish there was a per bag price, instead of a minimum amount of pounds of laundry."

Lisa B. - Pickup & Delivery - Yelp

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"I went to do my laundry one night I was overwhelmed because the holidays were here and my sons birthday was on the 23rd I had a ton of laundry Patrick and Jose told me about the service they offered to take care of my laundry. I was Indecisive about someone else doing my laundry, but at this point I was like once in a lifetime won't kill right? ....I tried it Janet took care of my clothes. it was clean folded so perfect. When I picked it up she was happy. Attitude was amazing. Love that they worked as a team and took the stress out my hands thank you guys I will definitely be back!"

Vanessa P. - Anaheim, CA - Yelp

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"This place was amazing! Quality service and very clean. I took my duvet cover and pillow cases for the drop off service and it was quick and easy to do. Will come here again for my laundry needs."

Christina M. - Anaheim, CA - Yelp

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"First time here and felt like I was at home, awesome customer service, and very friendly. You need a laundry card to use the machines."

Javier J. - Anaheim, CA - Google

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"Always attendant there cleaning wiping machines down with cloths and cleaners, sweeping and mopping floors, throwing out trash. The restroom is maintained so clean. Each attendant there at his/her shift is eager to assist you in every way possible by any questions you ask or simply just friendly conversation. They make sure customers adhere to Covid restrictions. There's always music playing or a TV on. There is an eating area and tables for people to sit either for kids or adults. All in all, this place of business is a pleasure to visit just to do your laundry. I wouldn't go anywhere else and highly recommend it. They also decorate the place according to the holiday theme...WOW...They actually care about their customers and community. Check them out..."

Beatrice B. - La Puente, CA - Google

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"I came here to wash my big blankets that are too big to wash in my washer at home. I was very nervous to wash here because I have never used a laundromat before and I had no idea how to use the big machines they have here. The man working here tonight was VERY helpful and nice. I had no idea what washing machine go use and was about to use a washer too small for my blankets and he advised me to use a bigger machine and pointed out which ones would wash my blankets best. He basically guided me how to do my entire load lol. It was very clean which I really appreciated. There's signs that say the washing machines are sanitized after every use which I saw being done with my own eyes. The machines here work quickly and really do clean your items a lot better than the smaller machines ppl have at home. My blankies smell amazing :)"

Jennifer C. - La Puente, CA - Yelp

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"I use superior laundry to handle the quick turnaround needs of my rapidly growing business. I have 7 vacation rentals and counting and despite numerous operational adjustments, everyone at Superior Laundry I have worked with as they have established a commercial branch of their service has been top notch. Corey and Patrick care about their clients and their needs and are willing to adapt on the fly. They are pros from quality to efficiency to customer service. Use superior laundry. They've earned their name."

Loryan Y. - Commercial Laundry - Yelp

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