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Uniform Laundry Service - Los Angeles & Orange County

Sub Contract Partners LaundryIf your business owns its employees’ uniforms, let Superior Laundry handle the dirty work of regularly laundering them. We do not offer uniform rental service, however our commercial laundry service for uniforms can provide you with a laundry solution for your workforce’s uniforms that is tailored to your businesses’ specific needs, and without the hassles of long-term contracts.

Big companies like Aramark or Cintas offer uniform laundry service alongside a host of other non-laundry related business services, and unless you are one of their big accounts you won’t be receiving their best quality or customer service. Instead of partnering with you to bring you a uniform laundry solution that meets your needs within your budget, you’re forced into a uniform rental service restricted by various rules and regulations where you end up accommodating to what works best for your vendor, and not your business.

If you’re unsatisfied with the results from your current provider, Superior Laundry can provide you with a suite of service options that allow you to customize our uniform laundry service to the specific needs of your business. These options include: choosing between pickup and delivery vs. drop-off laundry service, turnaround time, detergent options, washer and dryer settings, and more. Because of our experience in the retail laundry industry, we’ve seen every fabric and stain type at our Superior Laundry locations, which is exactly the type of knowledge you need when it comes to laundering your uniforms effectively and economically.

If you're ready for a better Uniform Laundry Service for your business needs, please fill out our contact form, or call 714-533-7835.

Since we don’t require contracts, scheduling a pickup can be done in seconds right here on our website. We’re also happy to talk with you over the phone, or in-person at your business to fully understand your uniform laundry needs, and how we can meet them within your budget. It is our great pleasure to partner with other small and medium sized local businesses whose laundry needs have been underserved. Our goal is to live up to our name and provide Superior Laundry Service with the best value uniform laundry solution in Southern California.


We use eco-friendly Ozone to Sanitize your laundry

At Superior Laundry we do more than clean your clothing and linens, we sanitize them! Our ozone washing machines use less energy and detergent than traditional washers, but give you superior, sanitized results!

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