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Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Laundromat & Dry Cleaner

sustainable laundry running water

Superior Laundry are eco friendly and sustainable laundromats. We know that doing laundry requires many different resources including water, electricity, natural gas, and cleaning products. Our efforts to reduce our environmental footprint also save your most precious resource, your time.

Water Conscious

We use only high efficiency washing machines in all of our laundromats. These machines are engineered to create cascade-like water flows to get more washing action out of less water. This also reduces cycle time.

Energy Saving

Our washing machines also have high G-force spin cycles that wring out more water, reducing the time, electricity and natural gas needed to dry your laundry.

We also have Tankless Water Systems in our laundromats that use less natural gas, and heat water on demand. This means we only heat the water based on our customers' need, without constantly heating a water tank when the stores are closed.

We are in the process of updating all of our stores with LED lighting (3 of 5 laundromats so far). LEDs (light emitting diodes) have many advantages over incandescent light sources, including lower energy consumption, and longer lifetime. LEDs are also more eco friendly when finally disposed of.

Instead of typical air conditioning in our laundromats we have evaporative cooling systems, which cool air using much less energy. Evaporative cooling uses energy only for the fan and water pump, and the working fluid, water, is non-toxic unlike some refrigerants. In dry climates like Southern California, evaporative cooling of air has the added benefit of conditioning the air with more moisture for your increased comfort.

Cleaning Products

In conjunction with our high efficiency washing machines, we use high efficiency liquid laundry detergent, which is low-sudsing and quickly disperses in low volumes of water. Because less water is used, less detergent overall is used for less environmental impact.

Outside of the process of actually washing laundry, we also use non-toxic, citrus based, organic cleaning products to sanitize our laundromats. Throughout our laundromats, no harsh chemicals are used to clean our machines, bathrooms, floors, folding tables or seating areas.


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