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Ozone Water Washing: The Eco-Friendly Secret to Cleaner, Softer, Longer-Lasting Laundry

Woman smelling laundry washed in ozone waterAre you still washing your laundry the way your parents first taught you?

If so, you might not be treating your clothing (or the environment) as well as you could.

Many people believe you need hot water, lots of detergent, and long wash times to properly clean your laundry. And once upon a time, that was true. But over the years, there have been big advances in laundry technology — including the development of ozone laundry systems.

Ozone wash is a more gentle and effective way to clean your laundry. It’s also a more environmentally friendly choice. If you’ve ever wondered how high-end hotels have such bright linens and fluffy towels, even after serving thousands of guests . . . the secret is ozone wash!

Interested in what ozone can do for your family’s laundry? Below is an overview of how ozone laundry works and why it’s one of the best ways to wash your laundry — and how Superior Laundry can help you experience the ozone difference for yourself!

How does ozone laundry work?

Ozone wash is a revolutionary laundering process that uses a powerful oxidizing gas called ozone. Ozone laundry systems create ozone by combining oxygen and electricity. The ozone is then dissolved in the washing water.

When the ozone water comes into contact with organic materials in your laundry, it destroys (or “oxidizes”) them. That includes bacteria, viruses, mold, or other microorganisms. Ozone also breaks up many inorganic materials, including soils and greases. This makes it easier for water to remove these contaminants from your laundry and wash them away.

What are the benefits of ozone water washing?

Ozone wash has many benefits compared to a traditional wash. Even hot water washing can’t achieve the same results! Here are a few science-backed reasons why ozone washing is a superior laundering method.

Ozone wash cleans and sanitizes your laundry better

The whole point of laundering is to clean your clothing and linens — and in that respect, ozone washing does a much better job than traditional washing!

Ozone is such a powerful oxidant that it kills microorganisms 3,000 times faster than bleach.[1] That means ozone wash can help protect you and your family from bacteria, viruses, and mold that cause illnesses and skin problems. And it doesn’t even require hot water or harsh chemicals! In fact, ozone works best in cold water.

As an illustration, researchers in one UK study tested how well ozone could kill 12 different bacterial strains compared to hot water. The hot water washing was completed at 75°C (167°F) (that’s 4°C higher than the UK-recommended disinfection temperature). The researchers found that 3 strains of bacteria remained even after 15 minutes of hot water washing. But no bacteria was present after only three minutes of ozone washing![2]

Other scientific studies have also revealed the power of ozone. In one study, it took only 2.5 minutes of exposure to ozone water to destroy C. difficile spores, a common bacteria. Another study found no traces of E. coli, another common bacteria, after just one ozone dosing. And yet another study found that MRSA (staph bacteria) was completely destroyed after ozone washing, yet still present after hot-water washing.[2]

Ozone laundry is so good at disinfecting, that hospitals, nursing homes, and similar facilities that frequently battle hard-to-destroy “superbugs” (including C. difficile and MRSA) have adopted ozone washing systems.

Ozone wash helps your laundry smell better and feel softer

Ozone’s superior oxidizing power leads to yet another benefit — it’s a powerful deodorizer. Odors in soiled laundry are typically caused by certain organic and inorganic compounds. Ozone breaks apart the molecular bonds of these compounds. The result? A fresh, clean smell!

Ozone also improves the softness of your laundry. This is because it removes calcium, magnesium ions, and other substances that contribute to water hardness. Softer water leads to a softer fabric feel because it allows better sudsing and more complete rinsing.

Scientific studies have documented the effects of ozone wash on smell and fabric feel. For example, one study at a hospital in Scotland compared a traditional washing system with an ozone washing system. Not only did the ozone wash sanitize more effectively . . . but all the personnel indicated that their clothing items were softer and had a more pleasant, fresher smell.[3]

Ozone wash helps your fabrics last longer

Ozone is such an effective cleaning agent that it can achieve great results with lower temperatures, shorter wash cycles, and less chemicals. Ozone also converts back to oxygen after use, leaving no chemical residue on your laundry. One study even found that ozone laundering removes moisture from laundry much better than conventional washing, which means less drying time.[4]

All of this means that ozone is a much more gentle way to wash your clothes. By switching to ozone wash, your fabrics and linens will experience less wear and tear and last much longer!

Ozone wash is more environmentally friendly

Another major benefit of ozone is that it’s a more eco-friendly option.

As noted above, ozone laundry doesn’t require hot water, which means it consumes less energy. It also requires less chemicals to clean and sanitize effectively, which means less rinsing water is needed and fewer chemicals are discharged into the environment in wastewater.

Although ozone is discharged in wastewater as part of the ozone laundry process, ozone can be considered a “green” substance.[5] That’s because if any dissolved ozone remains in any laundry discharge water, it quickly converts back to oxygen.

Oxygen in wastewater can actually be beneficial because it encourages the breakdown of organic matter and helps the sewage treatment process.[6] When ozone oxidizes organic soils in your laundry, those oxidized materials also become more easily biodegradable.[5]

The bottom line: ozone washing is much better for the environment compared to traditional laundry.

Try ozone laundry in Los Angeles and Orange Counties

As you can see, ozone washing provides many benefits over traditional washing. Not only will your laundry be cleaner, softer, better-smelling, and longer-lasting — but the reduced use of chemicals, water, and energy will mean you’ll be doing the environment a favor!

Superior Laundry is proud to go above and beyond basic sanitation guidelines by providing you with ozone-infused wash.

If you’re worried about how well laundromats are sanitizing your laundry . . . or you’re frustrated with dull, stiff fabrics or stubborn odors . . . try an ozone-infused wash at one of the three Superior Laundry laundromats that currently offer ozone:

  • our flagship location in Anaheim on N. State College Boulevard
  • our laundromat in La Puente on Amar Road
  • our laundromat in La Puente on Hacienda Boulevard

We also offer ozone wash with every pickup & delivery order — free of charge! It’s never been easier to try ozone wash. Click here to schedule your pickup today — we’re confident that you’ll love the results!


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We use eco-friendly Ozone to Sanitize your laundry

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