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Fluff and Fold Drop off Laundry Service

laundromat attendant folding polo shirts for a fluff and fold orderIf you need clean laundry but don't want to do it yourself, then fluff and fold is the service for you. We professionally clean your clothes and linens, and all you do is drop off and pick up from our laundromat.

For even more convenience, we offer door-to-door laundry service: fluff and fold with pickup and delivery.

What is Fluff and Fold?

Fluff and fold is a convenient laundry service for your machine washable clothing and linens. This service is also often called "Wash and Fold" or "Drop off Laundry" because we wash, dry, and fold your laundry after you drop it off at our laundromat. 

How to use Drop off Laundry Service

For fluff and fold service, bring your laundry to your nearest Superior Laundry drop off location. You can visit any of the five laundromats in Orange and Los Angeles County, which all take drop off laundry orders.

To place a fluff and fold order, your helpful laundry attendant will:

  1. Take down your contact information and preferences for water temperature, detergent, softener, and drying options.
  2. Remove bulky items like comforters, which are charged by-the-piece, and weigh the rest of your regular laundry.
  3. Accept your payment in cash or credit card.

Place your order by 12:00PM and your order will be ready for pickup at 5:00PM the next day.

Same Day Fluff and Fold

You can also get same day service for fluff and fold orders at a slightly higher per pound rate, subject to launderer capacity. 

Place your order by 9:00AM and your order will be ready for pickup at 7:00PM the same day.

Drop off Wash and Fold Prices

  • Wash and Fold


  • Order Minimum


Too busy to drop off your laundry?

No problem! You can schedule laundry pickup service throughout Southern California. 

Why You Need Superior Fluff and Fold Service

When you're paying to have your laundry done, you expect extra steps that make a big difference for your laundry and the environment. You need cleaner laundry more efficiently than doing it yourself at home with no compromises on price or quality.

Here are the high-level steps taken to ensure your clothes are washed in a Superior Way.

  1. Sort your laundry by color for washing
  2. Use liquid detergent and fabric softener
  3. Wash and rinse your laundry in a sanitizing ozone washer
  4. Sort your laundry by fabric weight for drying
  5. Fold and package your laundry by type, separating clothing from linens

Of course it all comes down to execution, simply doing the 5 steps above does not guarantee superior results. The secret sauce is the interaction between our well-trained attendants, advanced commercial ozone washers, and thoughtfully laid out facilities.

You Need Sanitized Wash and Fold Service

All wash and fold orders are sanitized with ozone, which kills the microorganisms that detergent and traditional laundering methods leave behind.

While you can sanitize your laundry at home with bleach and hot water of at least 140 degrees Fahrenheit, high impact laundering with harsh chemicals and high temperatures increases your utility bill and stress on the environment.

You'll also reduce the life and quality of your clothes and linens. 

Ozone gives you the best of both - more effective sanitizing than hot water and bleach without damaging the environment or your laundry.


Schedule and Save with Recurring Laundry Service!

If you love sanitized laundry delivered right to your door, then schedule recurring pickups and save 20 cents per pound on every order! Just pick what day and time, and we'll be there every week or every other week. You choose!

More About Our Laundry Services

Washer Bonus Dollars Want an extra $3 on your laundry card?  Get a $3 bonus,  an extra 15% in value, when you deposit a 20-dollar bill or make a $20 credit or debit card purchase.