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About Superior Laundry


Bringing a Superior experience to our customers

Superior Laundry is a family-owned and operated business for over 30 years. Starting with a single coin-operated self-service laundromat in Anaheim, we've grown and brought our Superior Laundry Services to other locations in Anaheim and Los Angeles County. We've never stopped improving our service, facilities, and amenities as our customers' needs have evolved over time. These updates include offering pick up laundry service, walk-in drop off laundry, and dry cleaning, rewarding our customers with "washer bonus dollars" and wash and fold loyalty programs, changing to a laundry card system, and offering cable tv and free WiFi at our locations. Let Superior Laundry take care of all your laundry needs - Take a Load Off!


Washer Bonus Dollars

Want an easy way to get a 15% bonus towards future washes? Get bonus dollars on your Laundry Card when you deposit a 20 dollar bill, or make a $20 credit card purchase.

More About Our Delivery Services

Washer Bonus Dollars Want an extra $3 on your laundry card?  Get a $3 bonus,  an extra 15% in value, when you deposit a 20-dollar bill or make a $20 credit or debit card purchase.