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Commercial Laundry Service in Orange County and San Gabriel Valley

smiling woman with arms crossed standing in front of clean bed linensWhen you're running a small business, you're forced to wear many hats. It doesn't matter if you're the owner, a manager, or the newest employee – sooner or later you'll need to solve problems that are outside of your job description.

From one small business to another, we feel your pain and are here to lend a helping hand.

Whenever you have a laundry problem, we can solve it for you quickly and affordably so you can focus on your core business.

Commercial Laundry Service in Southern California

Superior Laundry provides commercial laundry and linen services to businesses across Southern California in Orange County, San Gabriel Valley, and the Inland Empire.

Our passion is partnering with you and supporting your growth with our laundry solutions tailored to your business needs.

With ozone laundering included on all orders, you can be confident that your business’s linens are laundered to the highest standards of cleanliness (ozone kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria), and environmental sustainability.

Linen Service

As a smart business owner or operator, you’re always keeping one eye on your expenses and margins, and your other eye on the future to best position yourself for success.

If your business uses linens like bedding, tablecloths, or towels on a daily basis, then now’s the perfect time to thoughtfully consider using a commercial linen service.

With rising labor costs in California, and the trend in consumer preferences for increased sanitization and environmental sustainability, commercial laundry service with ozone sanitization might be just what you need to take your business to the next level.

Towel Laundry Service

Across different industries from Food & Beverage, to Hospitality, to Manufacturing, you can never have enough clean towels.

You need clean and absorbent bar towels or shop towels so your employees can keep things clean and dry behind the bar, or in the back of the shop. If you’re in personal services like a nail salon, gym, or spa, then having clean towels is arguably even more important. Having towels that work well, feel soft, and look and smell clean is a reflection of your brand, and important for giving customers a good experience.

When it comes to cleaning those towels however, you’ve no doubt experienced how difficult they can be to launder since bulky towels overwhelm your average washer and dryer.

Ozone laundering in commercial machines works especially great on towels. Not only will they be sanitized, they’ll also look whiter and brighter without the use of bleach.

While bleaching towels makes them look whiter, it also makes them feel coarser. Ozone washing will sanitize, whiten, and brighten your towels so they look great and last longer.

Save on labor, equipment, materials, and utilities when you switch to a laundry service for towels that uses ozone to give your employees and customers sanitized towels that feel softer and work better.

Hotel Laundry Service

Hotel Laundry Service

Guests returning to hotels for business and leisure travel have higher standards for hygiene than ever before.

If they think their room or hotel linens are dirty, they won’t be shy about writing a bad review, or sharing their negative experience on social media.

So how can you set your hotel apart, and assure skeptical guests that their rooms have linens that are not only clean, but sanitized?

The answer is hotel laundry service that sanitizes every sheet, pillow case, and towel with ozone water.

Not only will your guests get cleaner linens than traditional laundering using hot water and harsh chemicals, they’ll also be getting the most sustainably washed linens.

Until now, the only option you could give your guests for reducing their environmental impact was a little card encouraging them to switch their sheets less or use they towels more than once.

When you make the switch to ozone laundry for all of your hotel’s laundry, you accomplish the difficult task of exceeding your guest’s expectations for hygiene and environmental sustainability.

Hotel Guest Laundry

If you want more guests to take advantage of the laundry service your hotel offers, then give them the opportunity to try something new like ozone laundry.

As an innovation in laundry, ozone is still not widely used in the industry and not something the average consumer is aware of yet.

People can be very particular when it comes to their personal clothing, but with ozone’s amazing sanitizing and environmental benefits, you can impress even the pickiest guests.

Airbnb Laundry Service

Guests staying at Airbnbs expect even higher levels of cleaning and sanitization than before. As a responsible Airbnb host, you’ve already taken additional steps to deep clean your rental between guests, but has your laundry routine changed?

If your rental is relatively small, then you’re probably okay using hot water and bleach to clean the used linens. However, if your Airbnb has more than a couple rooms, or you have multiple Airbnbs, then it might be worth saving your time and using a laundry service.

Since linens are one of the most important things your guests look at when they arrive, don’t use your average laundry service. Use an ozone sanitized laundry service to sanitize your linens sustainably between guests.

Keep impressing your guests with sanitized linens that smell and feel amazing, while using a time saving laundry services that keeps your Airbnb’s rating high, and occupancy rate even higher.

Medical Linen Service

As important as clean linens are for all businesses in all industries, they are of primary importance in the medical industry.

Hospitals, nursing homes, and health care centers need to ensure the laundry and linens used by patients, doctors, and nurses are sanitized of all the microorganisms that they encounter on a daily basis.

Fortunately, ozone laundering kills viruses, bacteria, and even “superbugs” that are not killed by hot water washing of 167°F.

This makes ozone laundry service the ideal solution to your small or medium sized business in the medical industry, without incurring the expenses to buy your own commercial machines and ozone system.

Take advantage of the effectiveness and convenience of ozone laundry service, and give your patients and caregivers the peace of mind that their linens are more than clean, they’re sanitized.

Restaurant Linen Service

From napkins and white table cloths in the dining room, to aprons and towels in the back of the kitchen, food and drink service literally produces loads of laundry.

First impressions go a long way in the restaurant business, and customers are all to eager to share bad dining experiences on review and social media platforms.

So don’t let a spot on a napkin take away from the quality of the food and drinks you serve. Instead, consider outsourcing your laundry to a service that uses ozone on all your restaurants linens.

Restaurant linens are a great application for ozone because it breaks down grease and oil stains that you’ve had trouble getting out with average laundering methods.

Focus on creating the atmosphere and menu that sets your restaurant apart from the others, and leave the laundry for an ozone laundry service.

Uniform Cleaning Service

Good looking uniforms that you’re proud to wear speaks volumes about your brand, and exudes confidence and professionalism.

All of that goes out the window however, if the uniform you’re wearing is faded, stained, or not cleaned very well - then you just look shabby.

That’s why its so important to use a quality uniform cleaning service that takes cleaning uniforms as seriously as you do.

Don’t fall for value traps with long-term contracts where the laundry cost looks low on paper, only for there to be hidden fees. Worst of all, you’ll probably end up with uniforms that no one wants to wear because they’re washed en masse with other business’s laundry.

If you’ve been frustrated or disappointed by bad uniform cleaning service in the past, then its time to switch to a real laundry service who can do the job right.

Better yet, if you’ve never used a uniform cleaning service but are considering one now, skip the headaches involved with long-term contracts and work with a laundry service that has transparent pricing, and better quality.

Medical Scrubs

If you work in the healthcare industry, then you know how important personal protective equipment (PPE) is to help keep doctors, nurses, and patients safe from the spread of harmful microorganisms like viruses and bacteria.

Scrubs are a piece of PPE that come in both disposable and washable varieties, but with disposable scrubs increasingly harder to find, and more expensive if you can find them, more and more healthcare professionals are choosing to go with washable scrubs.

This does not come without its risks, however. When people wash their own scrubs at home using traditional laundering methods, a 2012 study found that home-laundered scrubs had significantly higher bacteria counts compared to hospital-laundered or disposable scrubs.

When ozone laundering is used on scrubs however, the viruses and bacteria that would potentially remain after home-laundering would be killed. Here’s an excerpt from our ozone laundry page:

As an illustration, researchers in one UK study tested how well ozone could kill 12 different bacterial strains compared to hot water. The hot water washing was completed at 75°C (167°F) (that’s 4°C higher than the UK-recommended disinfection temperature). The researchers found that 3 strains of bacteria remained even after 15 minutes of hot water washing. But no bacteria was present after only three minutes of ozone washing!

If you’re fed up with the headaches and higher costs of sourcing and purchasing disposable scrubs, don’t take on the unnecessary risks of having to launder them. Instead, partner with a professional laundry service that sanitizes them with ozone.

Lab Coats

White lab coats have been used in medicine for over 100 years, and have become the distinctive uniform of medical professionals like physicians and surgeons. Symbolism aside, lab coats are practical in protecting the wearer’s street clothes, and protecting them from accidental spills in a laboratory setting.

Made from cotton, linen, polyester, or a blend of all three materials, lab coats are made to withstand high temperature washing to keep them clean. However, a 2009 study found that a large portion of health care workers’ white coats may be contaminated with S. aureus including MRSA.

While hot water washing does not reliably kill superbugs like MRSA, fortunately ozone laundering does. Here's another excerpt from our ozone laundry page:

Other scientific studies have also revealed the power of ozone. In one study, it took only 2.5 minutes of exposure to ozone water to destroy C. difficile spores, a common bacteria. Another study found no traces of E. coli, another common bacteria, after just one ozone dosing. And yet another study found that MRSA (staph bacteria) was completely destroyed after ozone washing, yet still present after hot-water washing.

If you have lab coats that need to be laundered, don’t assume that your average laundry service will be able to clean them to the level you and your patients need.

Be sure you go with a laundry service provider that has the equipment and experience necessary to sanitize your lab coats from even the most troublesome superbugs.

Dental Scrubs

Dentists and dental hygienists also need to wear scrubs for the same reasons that doctors and nurses wear them.

Since disposable scrubs are increasingly expensive and hard to find, washable scrubs are being used more and more in dental offices.

Blood and saliva, which dental professionals encounter on a daily basis, are considered “other potentially infectious material”, or OPIM.

As an important piece of PPE that help protect dentists and hygienists from OPIM, washable dental scrubs need to be sanitized between uses, which can’t be reliably done with traditional hot water washing alone.

That’s why you should consider ozone laundry service for your dental scrubs – OPIM doesn’t stand a chance against the sanitizing power of ozone.

Focus on keeping your patients smiling rather than struggling to find affordable and reliable suppliers for disposable dental scrubs.


We use eco-friendly Ozone to Sanitize your laundry

At Superior Laundry we do more than clean your clothing and linens, we sanitize them! Our ozone washing machines use less energy and detergent than traditional washers, but give you superior, sanitized results!

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