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Laundry Service & Dry Cleaning Deals and Promotions

Fluff and Fold Laundry Service Deals

Stay-at-Home Special Pricing

To help keep our employees and our customers like you healthy and safe, we're implementing special Stay-at-Home pricing to encourage more pickup and delivery orders.

Please take advantage of our temporary 10 cent per pound discount on all pickup and delivery orders. Enjoy pickup and delivery laundry service for just $1.89 per pound! It's automatically applied to all orders.

Recurring Laundry Service Special Pricing

Want to save even more time while staying extra clean with sanitized laundry?

Then setup recurring laundry on your next order to save an additional 10 cents per pound. That's a total of 20 cents per pound off our normal price!

With recurring orders, you'll also save 10 cents per pound on Fluff and Fold Upgrades like "Hypoallergenic Detergent" and "Dry on Low" or "Hang Dry".

Setting up recurring orders is easy. Select the day of the week and pickup window for your pickup and delivery like you would on a normal order, and then click "Every week" or "Every other week" to choose the frequency that best meets your laundry needs.

Now you'll automatically save on laundry service without needing to manually place orders again and again, week after week.

New Pickup & Delivery Customer Special

Use the Promo Code: PICKUP25 to save 25% off our already reduced Stay-at-Home Special Pricing.

With this amazing off you'll get your laundry picked up, washed, dried, folded and delivered for just $1.42 per pound! 

Just enter the Promo Code: PICKUP25 in the payment step.

Self Service Laundry Service Deals

Washer Bonus Dollars

Would you like to earn 15% towards your next wash with one easy step? Here's how:

If you load your laundry card with a $20 dollar bill or $20 credit card payment in a single transaction, then you'll receive a 15% bonus ($3.00) on your laundry card.

Please Note:
Pay using twenty $1 dollar bills, and get $20 in value - sorry but no bonus. Pay using one $20 dollar bill, and get $23 in value - a 15% bonus! We want higher dollar denominated bills so help us help you save.


We use eco-friendly Ozone to Sanitize your laundry

At Superior Laundry we do more than clean your clothing and linens, we sanitize them! Our ozone washing machines use less energy and detergent than traditional washers, but give you superior, sanitized results!

Get 25% off your first Pickup & Delivery order using Promo Code: PICKUP25